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I'm a new NHD Teacher....HELP!


Are you a new (or newer) NHD teacher? Maybe you picked up someone's program or you are starting new or at a new school. Help is here  Join Lynne O'Hara, NHD's Director of Programs, and several veteran NHD teachers to get help, advice, or just get started for the 2014-2015 school year.

Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time: 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Open to:  all NHD teachers

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Teaching with Photographs and Prints

Library of Congress


Education Specialists from the Library of Congress are offering a free webinar to model historical thinking strategies for educators and to discuss the impact this can have on instruction.


Learn instructional strategies for helping your NHD students learn to think like historians as they explore the rich collections of the Library of Congress. Primary sources are only fragments of history, sometimes ambiguous and contradictory, frequently raising questions about bias, purpose and point of view. Participants will explore ways to increase student engagement with multiple viewpoints using a selection of primary sources responding to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, although the model and thinking processes can be adapted to other topics and other primary sources.


Date:  Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time: 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Open to: all NHD teachers, students, and parents

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Coming Soon!


Using National Endowment for the Humanities Resources for Leadership and Legacy in History

Featuring The Roosevelts: An Intimate History


Connect with NEH's EDSITEment staff and education experts to discover resources that expand and deepen your students' understanding of leadership and legacy. Eleanor, Theodore, and Franklin Roosevelt were three of the most influential leaders of twentieth century America. Together their legacy redefined the relationship Americans have with their government and with the world. Greg Timmons will show how film clips, lessons plans, and primary source from the series The Roosevelts (which recently aired on PBS) and from EDSITEment can be used in your classroom and for your students' NHD projects. In addition, an NHD teacher will show how Chronicling America can be used to help students find great primary sources for NHD projects.

Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time: 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Open to:  all NHD teachers

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                Transforming Your Classroom with National History Day

Want your students to love history? Then National History Day is the program for you!

National History Day motivates students to discover history by:

  • Cultivating interest: students research a topic of their choice
  • Developing research skills: students act as historians discovering how to uncover primary sources, build historical context and form historical interpretations
  • Becoming experts on their research topic: presenting their research to teachers, students, and historians
  • Achieving success
    -The shy student gains confidence when speaking about a topic he/she has researched
    -The apathetic student gains passion by choosing a topic of personal interest
    -The high achieving student increases his/her ability to articulate their learning through presentation
All students are winners in the National History Day Program!

Attention Participating NHD Teachers:   Please help us to determine the full reach of NHD by telling us how many teachers and students in your school are participating during the 2013-14 school year.  The survey takes less than five minutes to complete.  We appreciate your time and support of NHD.  Thanks.



Behring Leadership Corner

See how teachers use NHD in their classrooms.

Teachers and NHD

See what teachers have to say about their experiences with National History Day.

Top Ten Reasons to participate in National History Day

1. Teaches History

2. Engages Students

3. Energizes the Curriculum

4. Promotes High Academic Standards

5. Encourages Literacy

6. Enhances Assessment

7. Teaches Critical Thinking

8. Inspires Curiosity

9. Recognizes the Student Strengths

10. Activates Civic Engagement